A fresh series of social justice films that will educate, inspire, challenge, and move you to action.


Just Films is a collaboration of five organizations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania committed to women, girls, gender equity, and social justice: the Chatham University Women’s Institute, the NCJW Center for Women, the Women and Girls Foundation, the Women’s Law Project, and YWCA Greater Pittsburgh. We believe in the power of film to promote conversations about social, political, and economic change. We also believe in engaging the community broadly and deeply in dialogue as we pursue equality together.

We have chosen documentaries for this film series covering a wide range of issues designed to educate, inspire, challenge, and move you to action. Many of these films were made by women, and most will be showing in Pittsburgh for the first time. If you have suggestions for films for next year’s series, please send us a note using our contact form. (Our selection committee will meet in the spring to determine the line-up for the following year.)

Screen Shot 2021-07-29 at 8.59.57 AM The programs in Art & Design at Chatham University are 1) Small enough to not only ensure plenty of individual attention in studio courses, but also to allow the department to adapt its offerings to reflect students’ interests. 2) Mighty enough to host not only a collection of over 600 works of African art, but also an award-winning Artist Collective.  3) Quite near enough to many of Pittsburgh’s best loved arts institutions and organizations, including the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Carnegie Music Hall, and Frick Fine Arts Museum. Whether you’re interested in the arts and design professionally or want to make sure that the arts are part of your college experience, Chatham offers programs and programming that will enrich, enlighten, and entertain you.


The Chatham Women’s Institute continues the legacy of the University’s historic commitment to women’s leadership and gender equity. We promote social, political, and economic equality by serving as a hub to draw together the university’s broad range of gender initiatives, resources, and academic programs. Through education, research, and outreach, we work across campus and into the community with our affiliated centers and programs: the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship, the Women’s Business Center, the Pennsylvania Center for Women and Politics, and the Women’s & Gender Studies program.

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 12.55.46 PMThe NCJW Center for Women supports every woman to discover the confidence, information, and skills she needs to obtain, increase, and better manage her financial life. Our educational programming, networking, and systems change opportunities are our tools. Our education and networking opportunities are for any woman eager to discover the confidence, information, and skills she needs for financial wellness.


The mission of the Women and Girls Foundation is to achieve equality for women and girls, now and for generations to come. Our vision is for women and girls in Pennsylvania to have equal access, opportunity, and influence in all aspects of their public and private lives. To realize this vision, the organization’s active work is focused on developing the female leaders of tomorrow and advancing women’s rights today.


The mission of the Women’s Law Project is to create a more just and equitable society by advancing the rights and status of all women throughout their lives. To this end, we engage in high-impact litigation, advocacy, and education.


YWCA Greater Pittsburgh serves more than 70,000 women, children, and families every year. We provide education and tools necessary to challenge racism. We erode health inequities by connecting families to affordable health care and navigating disadvantaged women toward improved breast health. We offer comprehensive services to struggling women and families – including affordable child care and supportive housing. We nurture girls’ educational ambitions, encouraging interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. We provide quality early care and education for children from low-income families, giving them the best chance for lifelong success.

Thank you to previous Just Films partners doing wonderful work in our community every day:  Gwen’s Girls and New Voices for Reproductive Justice.

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